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PP spun-bond non-woven fabric is a new type of covering material with properties of good air permeability, moisture absorption, light transmission, lightweight, corrosion resistance, long life (4-5 years), which is easy to use and store. White non-woven fabric can harmonize the crop growth microclimate, especially adjust the temperature, light, and light transmission of vegetables and seedlings in the open field or greenhouse in winter; In summer, It can prevent the rapid evaporation of water in the seedbed, uneven seedlings and burns of young plants such as vegetables and flowers, caused by sun exposure. Medlong offers solutions for agricultural and gardening applications, we produce the spun-bond material that is used to make protective coverings for a variety of crops and horticultural plants. It can increase the yield per acre of crops and shorten the time for crops, vegetables, and fruit to be brought to the market, increase the chances of a successful harvest. In the horticultural field, it can be to avoid the use of herbicides or pesticides and minimize labor costs (i.e. growers do not need to spray against weeds every year).
  • Lightweight, it is easy to lay over the plants and crops
  • Good Air permeability, avoid the damage of root and fruit
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good light transmittance
  • Keeping warm, preventing frost and sun exposure
  • Excellent Insect/Cold/moisturizing protective performance
  • Durable, tear-resistant
UV treated
  • Greenhouse shade cloth
  • Crop cover
  • Protective bags for ripening fruit
  • Weed control fabric
Agricultural Gardening non-woven fabric is a kind of biological special polypropylene, which has no toxic and side effects on plants. The fabrics are formed by orienting or randomly arranging textile staple fibers or filaments to form a web structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. It has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide application and many sources of raw materials. Agricultural Gardening non-woven fabric has the characteristics of windproof, heat preservation and moisture retention, water and vapor permeability, convenient construction and maintenance, also reusable. Therefore, instead of plastic film, it is widely used in vegetable, flower, rice and other seedling cultivation and tea, flower anti-freeze damage. It replaces and makes up for the lack of plastic film covering and heat preservation. In addition to the advantages of reducing watering times and saving labor cost, it is lightweight and reduces production costs!

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