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Medlong medical and industrial protective materials can be used to produce high-quality, safe, protective, and comfortable series products, which can effectively prevent nano- & micron-level viruses and bacteria, dust particles, and harmful liquid, increase the work efficiency of medical staff and workers, ensure the safety of the staff engaged in the field.
  • Breathable and soft-touch, good uniformity
  • Good drape, the front chest will not arch when bending over
  • Outstanding barrier performance
  • Softness and Elasticity for improved fit and comfort, no friction noise during movement
  • Hydrophilic (ability to absorb water & liquids): The hydrophilic rate is less than 10 seconds, and the hydrophilic multiple is greater than 4 times, which can ensure that harmful liquids quickly penetrate into the lower absorbent core layer, avoiding the sliding or splashing of harmful liquids. Ensure the health of medical staff and maintain the cleanliness of the environment.
  • Hydrophobic (ability to prevent absorbent on liquids, depends on grade level)
Face masks, coverall suits, scrub suits, surgical drapes, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, hand washing clothes, maternity clothes, medical wraps, medical sheets, baby diapers, women's sanitary napkins, wipes, medical wraps, etc.High Absorbent Capacity Hydrophilic Material and High-Static Material
Application Basic Weight Hydrophilic Speed Water Absorbent Capacity Surface Resitance
G/M2 S g/g Ω
Medical Sheet 30 <30 >5 -
High Anti-Static Fabric 30 - - 2.5 X 109
Paint spraying, food processing, medicine, etc.
  • Anti-Static & Flame Retardant (Protective for electronic industry workers and paramedics who work on electronic devices).
  • Anti Bacterial for any uses in industrial
As the world is actively preventing and controlling the epidemic, the most basic protective equipment for residents is a mask. Melt-blown non-woven fabrics are the key filter media of masks, used as intermediate layer materials to mainly isolate droplets, particulates, acid mist, microorganisms, etc. The fabric is made of polypropylene material with high melting finger fibers, which can be up to 1 to 5 microns in diameter. It is an ultra-fine electrostatic fabric that can effectively use static electricity to absorb virus dust and droplets. Void and fluffy structure, excellent wrinkle resistance, ultra-fine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of fibers per unit area, making meltblown non-woven fabrics have good filterability and shielding properties.

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